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Love Our Rother

We have many different environmental and community groups bringing their love to Rye Community Centre between 10am and 2pm.

A short film from Sussex Underwater and teaser from Wallowbird will show some wonderful wildlife in our Sussex coastal water… and the journey of plastic pollution travelling our UK rivers to the sea!
Visitors will be able to join activities ranging from saving ‘wildlife’ from plastic litter and making beeswax wraps, to identifying plastic litter that has been picked from the banks of the River Rother!

Talks will include the United Nations Association Climate and Oceans, Sussex Dolphin Project, and Strandliners.

The day brings environmental groups together to show the amazing treasures (mermaid purses and more!) on our coastline and the plastic pollution around us.
It’s suitable for all ages and all inquisitive minds, all who want to have a chance to volunteer in the environment in the Rother, and all who may have community environmental projects they want to start.
We encourage everyone to show some love to their environment, not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year round. Let’s see what’s happening out there!

11:00 A sneak preview of IMAX film Wallowbird made in collaboration with Strandliners and Plastic Oceans International
11:05 Andy Dinsdale (Strandliners) "Preventing Plastic Pollution in the Rother"
11:15 Gonzalo Alvarez (Chair - United Nations Association Climate & Oceans) "Climate Cost of Plastics"
13:00 A short film showing marine life of Sussex coastal waters by Sussex Underwater
13:05 Thea Taylor (Sussex Dolphin Project) "The work of the Sussex Dolphin Project"
13:15 Andy Dinsdale (Strandliners) "Love Our Rother"


Love Our Rother

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