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Hi, i was wondering what happened to Syskon College in Springfield Court, Playden, near Rye. I used to go there every Summer for english courses about 15 years ago. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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    Hi, I attended with many italian friends, english courses at Syskon almost 17 years ago. Did you gather any info about it?

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    Hi, I also attended the Syskon a long time ago. Could you find out any info what happened to it? Thanks.

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    Hi, I was there too about 30 years ago and what I knew about 10 years ago, Mr Tony Clamp, the director, moved to another place. I think they sold the court. Me and my family we all have good memories. May be we even met,who knows!

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    I remember with affection all of you. Happy days.

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    Hi Geoff, you were my Teacher in summer 95…I build up a group on facebook for my mates.
    What happened to Syskon College?and what about you?

    have a nice day

    Pg – Ostuni

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    Happy days indeed. I know the memories I have of teaching at Syskon are some of my fondest. Hope you are all well. Annie x

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    Happy memories for us too of all the Summer Courses at Springfield. We still live in Rye – now at the Old Vicarage in the centre. We’d love to hear from old students and (older) teachers. Gill and Tony Clamp [email protected]

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    Hi! I was a student in Rye in 1995, too. And I remember Geoff and all that songs we used to sing together! great! I would really love to meet students and teachers from that great experience! How could we meet on internet? Anyone using facebook? kisses Silvia Scaravaggi

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    Hi! I have been there in ’94 ! So much fun!

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    Hi Giulio,

    Yes, it was fun.

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    Hi Geoff,
    How are you? Bori (from the 1980 group)

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    I’m very well, thank you.
    What are you up to nowadays?

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    Hello giulio, amazing to hear from you, nice contact [email protected]
    Ciao ! Tony

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    Teaching (English of course). And you?

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    Hi everybody, It’s Alessandro from Ostuni (well, I live in Rome now) writing … I miss so much my amazing ’94 ’95 holidays spent there with you and other students. Geoff, I’m a professional actor now and it’s your fault too (remember, you said to me:”You must keep acting”): I don’t know, do I have to thank you or not? 🙂 Gill, Tony hope you all right. Are you still at Syskon ?
    Big Hugs.

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    I’d like to know about Syskon college as I was there as a student in 1990s and I am now an English teacher in Italy. Is the school at Syskon still working?

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    Hi Alessandra,

    I remember you well.
    Syskon is no more, unfortunately.

    I hope you are well.


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    Hi Geoff,
    Great to hear from you!
    I hope you are fine. Are you still a teacher? Hard to survive in this job! My mum (Anna Maria) sends you her love and we all keep nice memories about Syskon. I’d like to take a small group of students to England next summer (including my kids who are now 8 and 11), Scuola media students. Any suggestions? Love

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    Yes, I’m still in the education business. I now do teacher training for Aboriginal adults in remote communities in the Northern territory, Australia. So, I’m afraid I can’t make any recommendations about schools in the UK.

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    Gosh! Geoff you really are brave! Rooted Italians wouldn’t dare! Big hug,

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    Not brave at all. Very happy. My students are great and very, very interesting.

    i live in Northern Thailand and I’m very happily married to Joy.

    We have 5 dogs and 2-3 foster kids. It’s good.

    You can youtube “Geoff and Joys Wedding” and see what it’s like.

    Lots of love,


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    Dear Geoff,

    It’s good to see you happy.

    Take care!


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    Hi Geoff!

    I have been looking for you for ages ! You don’t use facebook or something like this. You are married and live in Northern Ireland . I can’t believe that, You look like an angel.



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    Hi Isabella,

    How nice to hear from you.

    Northern Thailand actually.

    You can email me at:

    [email protected]

    It would be good to hear from you.

    Love to your family,


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