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  • Dr Park’s Surgery

    Does anyone have, or could anyone refer me to, any known photographs of the interior of 112 High Street, Rye? For about a hundred years, I believe, this was the Dr’s surgery, so many thousands have passed through and worked here. I am in touch with the previous owners, but intending to restore the house ... read more

  • St Mary’s Church Northiam History

    I am an nearly retired architect undertaking a postgraduate course in building conservation. Our latest course work is to write an illustrated essay on a medieval church with Victorian alterations.I am looking for historical information on St Mary’s and should be glad someone could advise me where to start looking for information. Many Thanks. ... read more

  • History of Udimore

    Am now open to hearing from just about anyone who can add any information regarding the history of the village. This might include any era up to today’s date! Anecdotes also welcome. ... read more

  • Rye Memorial – James Walter Mesher

    Gunner Mesher was born in Rye and his parents were recorded as living at The Reading Room, Rye Harbour when he was killed 8 May 1915. I would be interested to hear from anyone who may know something about him – I am researching the history of his battery and know a bit about his ... read more

  • Pett Level History

    Who can tell me some history about Pett Level? I live in the US but an interested in finding my roots. Thanks, Troy Pett ... read more

  • History of Winchelsea

    Does anyone know of any books on the history of Winchelsea from late 18th century onwards, particularly the lace making community. ... read more

  • Leasam House

    Leasam house was were I lived for 5 years back in the 1980s and was wandering if there is anyone out there who knew of history of the house. I know Lord and Lady Wander lived there during the war. ... read more

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Andrew Blyth
Andrew Blyth

As well as painting Andrew has enjoyed a rich and exciting career as an architect and landscape architect. Following his … more

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Parker Butcher worked at Ypres Tower

My great great Granfather was a policeman at the Ypres Tower, I believe it was a gaol at the time. … more

Scallop Week

Hi, plenty of promotions for venues and events but can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy Rye scallops at … more

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