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  • John P Short and Jean Loveless

    I would really appreciate it if anyone has information on the whereabouts of John Short or Jean Loveless. They used to live at Crown Cottage on Cackle Street and have moved away. I believe that they still live in Broad Oak. Their daughter Jackie is anxious and desperate to find them after having lost contact ... read more

  • Leasam 1966-1970

    Hi to anyone at Leasom 1966-1970 and Thomas Peacocke school. What are you all doing ? Martyn ... read more

  • Cornelius Family

    I am looking for Avis Cornelius whose single name was Devonshire. As far as I am aware Avis married a Trevor Cornelius and lived in Appledore. Avis & I were mates when we were teenagers and both lived in Abbey Wood London SE2 at the time. Lots of water has passed under the bridge since ... read more

  • Mike from Appledore

    This is a long shot, but in March 2009 I was in William Harvey Hospital with a Mike from Appledore. I would like to contact him but never remembered his surname. He would be in his 70’s & had a connection with aviation / engineering before retirement. If he reads this he’ll remember me as ... read more

  • St Andrews School

    Hi again, Here are a few names from my school days; John Gotts, Philip Mephem, Wendy & Jennifer Herron, Robina & Cherry Ward, Glen ? , Paul ?, Michal ? (who’s surnames I have forgoten). hHope someone can help. ... read more

  • Fairlight School

    Many thanks Dennis Brazier and I are trying to contact anyone who went to St Andrews school from 1951 till it closed. I lived at the Coastguards Cottages untill 1957. I met one of the Dyer boys and John Bishop 25 years ago but I lost their addresses. I now live near Cambridge. My brother, ... read more

  • Missing Sister

    I don’t know how to start this so I will just give the facts. I am looking for my adopted sister. She was named Ann Bilsby and was born in Hastings in 1960. She will have dark hair. I do have some more information if anybody needs it. I know that she was adopted to ... read more

  • Family named “Henty”

    Looking to see if a family named “Henty” (unsure of spelling) Live in the area. ... read more

  • Looking for the Axtens

    Hi all, I am looking for a family named the Axtens that lived in Winchelsea and dispersed through the area. There was Barbara who married Mick Wood, her brothers Norman and William who married Barbara. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact [email protected] ... read more

  • David MacDonald

    I am searching for my birth father David Macdonald, he was from Kent but was a boarder at Leasam House, Rye Grammar School, I think from 1962-1967. A long shot I know, but have been searching for over 23 years. ... read more


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