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  • Breakfast in Rye

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good place to go for breakfast in Rye? Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks Rebecca ... read more

  • Prints of Rye Town / Views of Rye

    I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could find prints showing views of Rye and / or the town – it’s for a present for my partner, who loves Rye! I am based in London and realise that some of the tourist shops stock them – which is in itself difficult for ... read more

  • Schools

    We intend to live in Peashmarsh by mid 2008. Can anyone by experience recommend both public and private secondary schools in or near Peasmarsh, for our 12 year old daughter. Thanks for your reaction to [email protected] ... read more

  • Restaurant Recommendation

    Joe Blunden: I highly recommend the Landgate Bistro. It offers good food in an unpretencious atmosphere. The Mermaid is fun but probably a bit much for New Years eve and also probably already fully booked. ... read more

  • Restaurant Search

    Anyone got any restaurant recommendations for a party of 7 on a Saturday evening? Many Thanks ... read more

  • Window Shutters

    Does anyone know where I could get window shutters made for our house in Rye. Or could someone recommend someone who could make them for us? Thanks ... read more

  • Painter Search

    Could anyone recommend a painter who can work in Camber? Preferable if you have used the person before and know that they are good and reliable. Thanks for your help, Alice ... read more

  • Chimney Sweep Search

    Could anyone recommend a Chimney Sweep who can work in Camber? Thanks for your help, Alice ... read more

  • Portrait Photographer Wanted

    Can anyone recommend a potrait photographer in Rye for the weekend of the 12/13th September who would come to the house where we are staying locally to take a family portrait? ... read more

  • Recommendation

    I have just spent 3 days in Rye and arrived home on the 27/8/01. We can recommend the Windmill guest house on ferry Road Pauline and Bob made us feel very welcome. You must vist St Marys Church and climb the Tower the view is breathtaking. ... read more


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Andrew Blyth
Andrew Blyth

As well as painting Andrew has enjoyed a rich and exciting career as an architect and landscape architect. Following his … more

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Parker Butcher worked at Ypres Tower

My great great Granfather was a policeman at the Ypres Tower, I believe it was a gaol at the time. … more

Scallop Week

Hi, plenty of promotions for venues and events but can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy Rye scallops at … more

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