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  • Chimney Sweep Search

    Could anyone recommend a Chimney Sweep who can work in Camber? Thanks for your help, Alice ... read more

  • Photo Search

    Looking for photos of the seawall and coastline of Pett Level. Can anyone help? Thank you! Lisa ... read more

  • Brochures Wanted

    Hi dear people, I am coming to your city in February 2005 for my honeymoon and i want some brochures, information, excursions and any information by airmail that it is possible to make my trip amazing. Thank you very very much. My adress is Gaston Lenzken, Calle 14 nº 4878, (1884 ) Berazategui, Buenos Aires, ... read more

  • Musicians Wanted

    We are looking for musicians for our wedding on 22nd October, Rye. We need a fiddler and / or singer to lead guests from the wedding to the reception, and want to play WILD IS THE WIND by Nina Simone at the wedding (might need two diffrerent people), and perhaps a bit of chamber music ... read more

  • Book Search

    I am looking for books about the history and geograpy of the local area – any suggestions please? ... read more

  • Portrait Photographer Wanted

    Can anyone recommend a potrait photographer in Rye for the weekend of the 12/13th September who would come to the house where we are staying locally to take a family portrait? ... read more

  • Travel Cot Rental

    Is there anywhere that we can hire a travel cot in Rye for 1 week beginning Saturday 3 August? ... read more

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Andrew Blyth
Andrew Blyth

As well as painting Andrew has enjoyed a rich and exciting career as an architect and landscape architect. Following his … more

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Parker Butcher worked at Ypres Tower

My great great Granfather was a policeman at the Ypres Tower, I believe it was a gaol at the time. … more

Scallop Week

Hi, plenty of promotions for venues and events but can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy Rye scallops at … more

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