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Cleaning Work

Hi, looking for cleaning work in Camber Sands. Can work, only day can’t work is Sundays please email me on [email protected]

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    Will get the job done and well. Available from 9.30 -3.30 Mon – Fri. Would like to take ironing home to do in evenings.

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    My name is Jeanine. Looking for cleaning work any days any hours in Rye or Camber.

    Just email
    [email protected]

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    Looking for somthing to do with animals. Really want to help with horses. Must be near Rye Harbour or even a bit of land to rent in Rye Harbour to keep a pony for my daughter.

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    Hi, if you don’t already have a pony for your daughter, I have several at home in playden. If this isn’t too far to travel, you are more than welcome to talk to me about coming to ride and get involved with the horses and ponies. There are 9 of all shapes and sizes. Cheers, Alli

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    Hi, yes that would be good! I have no idea how to look after a horse but keen to learn as think it would be good for my girls. Could you send me your details through email [email protected] Thank you.

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