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Daniel Gill 1795

I’m from Denmark and had just bought a antique longcase clock, made by Daniel Gill, reg. Rye, Sussex 1795. Is there someone who can tell me a litle more about this clock maker?

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    Hei Rene Breck! Have only just seen your message. If you look at the heading “Clockmaking family: Gill” you will find some useful information! Vennlig hilsen Celia Syversen

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    Hei igjen Rene Breck! After writing to you yesterday I found, quite by chance, a picture on: www.antiquesrye.co.uk/Gill_clock_Rye.htm This shows a clock very similar to our own “Daniel” (as we call him) and the caption “circa 1770 SOLD”. Wonder whether this is the clock you bought? Vennlig hilsen, Celia Syversen

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    Hi Celia Syversen

    Thanks very much.

    I’l try to se what I am able to find in there.

    Have a nice summer,

    René Breck

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    Are you still interested in Daniel Gill the clock maker?

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    I still have the clock so, yes, I’m still interested.

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    Indeed I am! Wonder what information you have?
    Regards, Celia Syversen

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    Hi Celia

    Thanks, but no, my clock is in mahogany.

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    I wrote a long message about Daniel Gill but when I posted it I had been timed out and lost it all. When I have time I will have to write it again and cut and paste it.

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    What a pity, but thank you anyway! It has happened to me, too – annoying when one has used time and effort! Perhaps the website should post a warning about time limits? [You will be glad to know this update is in the pipeline, thanks, Ed] Hope to hear from you again. Regards

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    I note that a London dealer has a superb long case clock by Daniel Gill,case made in satinwood. Samuel Gill,Rye was his son who started a watch/ Silversmith business in 1810 and had watches stolen from his shop in 1810.

    Samuel was born in 1784. and his father Daniel may have closed his clock making business down circa 1800 close links with Apps of Battle.

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    Brian, Daniel Gill moved to Rye after Samuel was born & was well established by 1791: “silversmith, clock & watchmaker & agent for Royal Exchange Assurance” per the Universal British Directory. Samuel took over his father’s shop in 1810 & moved out of Rye 1817/18. Does anyone know if he continued clock/watchmaking after that date, & if so where? (Incidentally I agree the Bonham’s clock is superb – they had a plainer, cheaper one in July.)

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    We believe we have Samuel Gills workshop long case clock.

    It has three scratched dates on the back of the painted dial. One mark possibly installation 1810. The dial shows the Prince of Wales feathers in the corners.and a picture of a sailing boat entering harbor. The unusual part is we believe Apps of battle made the precision 8 day works. another date 1818.

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    I think Pitts tax on clocks was the last straw for clock makers and perhaps encouraged Daniel Gill to go into banking, Passing on his clock/ watch business to his son Samuel. I think Samuel Gill concentrated on making watches, silver, and jewelry as I don’t know if he actually made any clocks?

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