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Brian Hatter: Brian Hi! I really hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I saw your post and feel I had to get in touch. Basically my partner and I are planning on moving to Manado at the end of this year / beginning of next, after a few months of coral reef conservation in the Philippines. I noticed that you currently work for Manado International School, and this is the reason for my email, I am CELTA qualified (with a BA Hons in English) and would love to be able to teach and live in Manado, it is my dream. My partner has an MA in marine biology and we will both be qualified dive masters byt the time we get there so Manado seems the ideal option for us. We have made the necessary arrangements to get there but I am having some difficulty getting in touch with the schools there as the glints of information offered on the internet are few and far between.
Do you have any information or advice that you could offer me on this subject at all? Or even any contact details for the school in which you are working? Seriously any information would be greatly received.
Thanks so much for your time in advance, i really look forward to hearing from you.
my email address is: [email protected].
thanks so much again.

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    Brian Hatter: Hill House Hospital, formerly the Rye Union Workhouse was built in 1844 on Rye Hill and is different from the nearby Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital (now Rye Memorial Care Centre)built by private donation in 1922.
    In 1929 the workhouse was renamed ‘The Retreat’ and run as a Public Assistance Institution by the County Council. That has now closed and the buildings have been converted into homes. There is still on the site a small home for disabled people I believe. I should imagine that any records will now be in the County Records Office at Lewes. Hope this helps.

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