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Rope Bridge

I remember as a child walking over a rope bridge, I think it crossed the Rother, does anyone remember it?

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    How old are you Chris? Because I am 60 and I don’t remember one. I can ask my Dad.

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    Hi Mary

    I’m 64 and we lived in King’s Avenue, say lived, I was born there in the front room.

    Fuzzy memory but fairly sure it was over the Rother, any old fisherman will know as they will have passed under it. My Grandfather was a fisherman and generations going back.

    Sometimes still pop into Rye as I now live in Leicestershire.



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    I am seeing Dad tonight, I will ask him. We lived on the other side of town.

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    Hi Mary

    Thanks for asking him tonight, I will be very confused if he doesn’t remember.


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    I completely forgot. If this had come in earlier (it takes 2 days) I could have asked him today. It’s my memory that’s failing not his.

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    Hi Mary

    Maybe next time, the delay on posting messages seems to take a while.



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    It is Dad’s 90th birthday today and we are all back in Rye for a celebration. What we have come up with courtesy of Dad and IMDB is that the bridge was put up for the film Dunkirk in 1958. In fact my aunt was in it pushing my cousins in their pram!

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