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S. J. Heady

Hi my name is Jason, S J Heady is my grandfather. (Stanley John Heady) do contact me if you wish.

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    Stanley John Heady is my grandfather. Do contact me if you require any further information. Lots of history and he was a local artist based in Hastings.

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    Recently came across an ink sketch of the Mermaid Inn in Rye.It was done by S.J.Heady. Could anyone tell me more about it? It is simple and yet so beautiful. Thanks for your time.

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    My Grandfather drew this, do get in touch at [reveal email]

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    I also have a picture of Mermaid Inn by S J Headley – looks like pen and ink with watercolour – not sure if print or original. On back is written in pencil “Mermaid Inn 1/2″ Brown Hog”!! Can you throw any light on this?

    Tim Page

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    Hi, My father grew up in Rye attending the grammer school(he was born 1923 – Cyril William Bullett) I was going to sell a print?? by your grandfather of the windmill and was looking for more info when I found this. I know my father bought original Rye Pottery so maybe this isn’t a print and it could be an etching. My grandfather was an engineer on the River Rother and the family include Ashingdon’s. I spent a lot of my childhood in Rye – it’s changed a lot!!

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    Hi, how are you? I’ve been meaning to make contact for some time but had trouble tracing you. Now that you’ve picked yourself up from the floor if you feel like getting in touch I’d be pleased to hear from you.

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    Hello there,
    I think I have tried before to make contact concerning Mister Heady. When visiting Icklesham I met him when he visited the Barker family who ran a B&B in the Oast House in Icklesham. I still have e print of the pendrawing he made of the Oast House. I wonder I the original still is in one peice and migth be for sale. But I would also like to know how things went with him.
    Peter Zadelaar

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    Hi, my uncle and his girlfriend have recently been given two sketches by S.J heady and would like to know about him as an artist and maybe even the worthy. The first sketchs is the mermaid inn and the second is of a stone stair case with rope. if you could please contact me through [reveal email] it is not a hoax email it is real.

    yours sincerely

    Brittany Barratt

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    Hi, I apologize if I am writing this the wrong way, but I have acquired a painting by S. J. Heady of the “Old Pump House” and it has a “Heady” signature on it. Is there any way to know which one of you signed it and what it may be worth? Thanks for any help you can offer. [reveal email]

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    Hello, Peter

    Greetings after 40 years.

    The original print of the Oast House is still intact and in good condition. The same is not quite true of the Oast House itself, which was split (rather well) by a later owner into a handful of conjoined houses.

    Guy Barker

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    Hello Guy,
    That is a very long time ago, first my mailadres: [reveal email] . Dear Guy that print of the ole Oast House from the days mom and dad ran the B&B has been with me all my live, why? Those day in Icklesham when I stayed with them were the luckiest days in my whole live. I even drove the red mini to do the shopping. Time has flown by Guy. But the old Desert Rat and his Dutch love are still close by. Memory lane. I remember the Oast House the way it was. With that lady in the cottage who once was meriied to a Dutch Naval Officer. We had tea very often. It was so quiet there in those days. We are getting on Guy. I lived in the Staes and Canada but rerturned to Holland. Mary ans I got divorced ages ago. How are you and how did you end up in the States and why? And of course whereabouts do you live.
    Please keep in tough Guy and take care and of course have a nice one,

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    Hello Brittany, my name is Jacob from Vancouver Canada and I was wondering if you had any luck finding info are your art. I have a pencil sketch of a house once owned by Paul McCartney in the Netherlands and cannot find any info about the artist. I would appreciate in any way that you could help me .
    Thanks Jacob

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    I have delightfully just aquired a drawing by S.J.Heady of Finchcocks Goudhurst Kent. I have no information of this man or when the drawing was likely done. Information would be gratefully received, thank you.

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    This is a long shot but have 4 signed sketches that ur grandfather drew i was wondering if u could tell me more about them tried to email u but ur email doesnt seem to be there anymore please could u email me on [reveal email]
    Many Thanks

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