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I am French and live in France and I am doing research about my family. So, I would like to know where and how I can get the birth certificate of my great, great grandfather. His name was James Lowes and he was born in Rye on 1st March 1804.

Thank you for your help,

Sylvie Crelier (maiden name Lowes)

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    Dear Sylvie,
    Would he be the same James Lowes who married Mary Ann Graves (born Great Mongeham, Kent 1807) and who died in Boulogne-sur-mer on 27 April 1866?
    Matthew Graves

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    Hello Matthew!
    Like Sylvie (from my family) I am looking for the family of James LOWES – who died on April 27, 1866 – at his home – 9 rue “des signals” – 62160 BOULOGNE SUR MER – Do you have any additional information? I informed généanet about all his descendants.
    I hope see you soon ! Jerome Lowes

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    Hello Jerome,
    If you’d be kind enough to send me your email address, I’ll forward all the documents and information I have about James Lowes and his family in Boulogne.
    Kind regards,
    Email: [reveal email]
    P.S. James was married to our relative Mary Ann Graves.

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    Hi Matthew!

    First of all, a big thank you for your response! Yes, indeed, I’m glad to have found you because my level of English is very poor. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit that from my ancestors! So, I’m using a translator!

    I was able to provide Généanet with the complete genealogy of JAMES’ descendants in France. If you’re interested and have an account, I can certainly share this information with you. As for myself, I belong to the second-to-last generation (1979), and the youngest of the family is my daughter Yuna, born in 2011.

    “Yes, indeed! Anything you have on James and Mary Ann will be of great interest, and I thank you in advance for it!”

    Have a good day! I hope to see you soon.

    Jerome LOWES – [reveal email]

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