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Cadborough Farmhouse

I have been on here a few times regarding my Grand Father – Cedric Hodgson. I have recently visited Rye to see if I could find the house my late father lived in as a child. I was always told it was a large house in Cadborough overlooking the fields to the sea. The only house I could find that fitted the bill was Cadborough Farmhouse. As the house is situated in a private road, the only view I got was from the road that looks back over the fields to it. I wonder if anyone has/knows of any history of the house? The family name was Hodgson or possible Baron (the family name was changed at some point) and Cedric, Florence and my father Peter would have been there in the twenties / thirties. I believe Cedric may have had a Lithographic business running from the property. Grateful for any information. Lynda

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    As a child I lived in Udimore Road, from 1942 till 53, at the time the John Hacking and family lived there, major Hacking john’s father was killed when a dudlebug went into the front of the house, and the house was rebuilt, I don’t know how many years they lived there prior to the war but before owning the farm the family rented it. So it may be rented from your family, if I find out anymore details I will post them on here.

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