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Cedric Hodgson

Hi. My Grandfather was a local artist in Rye in early 1900’s and I am trying to trace any of his work. His name was Cedric Hodgson who sometimes signed ‘Baron of Rye’ and later changed the family name to Baron. Also, does anyone remember my father Peter (Hodgson or Baron) Can anyone help please?

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    Looking for paintings/sketches by my grandfather – Cedric Hodgson or “Baron of Rye” Worked and lived in Rye in early 1900’s. I would be eternally grateful for any information.

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    We have a sketch called “The Closed Door” by Cedric Hodgson, featuring a little Cairn. It’s very small and has his name on the sketch and initials on the mat. My husband has had it since the 1930s.

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    I have a small seria tone picture Mermaid Inn Rye
    Baron of Rye.
    Is this of any interest?

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    I was doing an internet search for Baron of Rye in regards to an engraving or etching by that artist. The engraving is titled CITY CROSS, WINCHESTER, ony I added the comma, as Winchester was on a separate line in the title. If you get this, contact me.

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    Hi, This is my Grandfather Cedric Hodgson, who painted under the name of Baron of Rye. Do you have this sketch or are you looking for it?
    Lynda Tuckwell

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    Hi, This is really exciting for me! My Grandfather was Cedric Hodgson who worked under the name ‘Baron of Rye’ He later changed his name to Baron, which was my surname until I married. Do you still have the picture?
    Lynda Tuckwell

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    Hi Shirley
    This is really interesting. This is my Grandfather who worked under ‘Baron of Rye’. Do you still have the picture?
    Lynda Tuckwell

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    T0 – in Linda Tuckwell – I have twenty sketches by C. Hodgson. They were sent by post from Rye in East Sussex around l930 to my father-in-law in Durham City. I dont know from whom or why. Please reply if they are of interest to you. Pamela Abel.

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    We are a company called Sellco that sells on behalf of others on eBay. We have come into possesion of two paintings signed Baron – could this be Cedric Hodgson?

    They are oil on Board and the current owner has them passed down to him from his father. You can see the paintings in our eBay shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SELLCO100. we would appreciate any information if they are indeed your grandfathers paintings.

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    To Linda Tuckwell,

    I have 18 sepia sketches in the form of cards by C Hodgson. They are in an old brown envelope with C Hodgson, Rye, Sussex written by hand and with 2 George V stamps (unfranked) on it. My father left them to me but I don’t know where he got them from. Tewksbury Abbey, Durham Cathedral, Barnards Castle, St Michael’s Mount and more country and pastoral scenes.I should be interested to hear from you.

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    Hi Christine
    Yes this sounds like my grandfathers work. He travelled the country sketching bulidngs and landscapes. He also has a printing shop in Rye in the early 1900’s.

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    Hi Stephanie
    This sounds very interesting. Unfortunately, due to sad circumstances, we have none of my grandfathers art work and I would be very pleased to learn more about the etchings you have. It is interesting that your friend is a musician as my grandfather was also a musician playing the violin.

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    Hi Pamela
    Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. I am positive that these sketches would be by my grandfather and would be very interested to know more.

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    Hi Wendy
    Thank you so much for replying. My Grandfather Cedric Hodgson painted under the name Baron of Rye and later changed his name by deedpole to Baron. He was an accomplished muscian and owned a printing company in Rye in the early 1900’s. My father Peter Baron grew up in Rye , but unfortunately, my grandfather died long before I was born. I am planning to make a trip to Rye to see if I can find the house where my father grew up – Cadborough House, on Cadborough Hill (spelling?) Do you know it? My father who died 6 years ago never talked about what was a very unhappy childhood and I am eager to find anything I can about my Grandparents and would love to find some of his artwork.
    Many thanks again

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    Hi Peter
    Thanks for replying. Yes this would be my grandfathers work. He sketched many buildings around Sussex, Hants and the surrounding area. This sounds really interesting!

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    Hi Melcin
    Yes definately, I dont possess any of my grandfathers work, although we do have some ‘rough’ sketches. Sounds really interesting.

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    Hi, I have had a look on your ebay shop, but cannot find these paintings, have I missed the boat?

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    Hello Linda – I was pleased to read your reply to my message re: your grandfather Cedrick Hodgson. I have put the 20 etchings I have on my laptop but the only way I know, with my limited knowledge of computing, to pass them to you is by e-mail.

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    I have 5 etchings, three of which are signed, ‘Baron of Rye’ and are:
    Church Tower Cirencester
    Parish Church ” ”
    Bibury nr Cirencester
    Irish Setter
    Wire Haired Terrier
    The last two are not signed but the stroke seems strongly like the other three.
    They are in optimal condition.
    If you wish I can email their pictures.
    Regards and thanks.

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    Hi Emma and Pamela
    Thankyou both for getting back to me, my email address is [email protected]. I would be very grateful if you would kindly forward the sketches on to me.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Lynda
    I have a lovely small etching of a Windmill signed in pencil Hodgson by your Grandfather
    I would be happy to let you have it for a reasonable price
    Contact me on [reveal email] if you’re interested!
    Best Wishes

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    Hi Linda, I have in my possession a picture by your grandfather just called The Bridge if you would like to see it let me know and I will get a copy to you. My e-mail is [reveal email]

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    Hi, I have been clearing out some familly possesions and found some Christmas cards by Cedric Hodgson with a covering letter and just wondered if anyone could tell me more about him?

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    Hi Marianne
    Cedric was my paternal Grandfather. We know little of him as my father was estranged from his parents and did not talk a great dealabout his childhood. I know Cedric lived in Rye in Cambourne House. All I know of this was it was on a Hill in Rye where he also ran a printing business. Later on he painted and sketched under the alias – Baron of Rye and later still, changed his name by deed poll to David Baron. He was married to Florence and had one son Peter Wakefield Baron – my father. Florence and Cedric used to play the piano and violin at local tea dances in Rye in the early 1900’s Hopefully one day, I plan to visit Rye to find Cambourne House and some of the places my father has mentioned. My fathers ashes are scattered on the beach at Winchlesea where my father used to swim as a boy. Sorry I cannot be of any further help, but I would be grateful if you find out any more info! Regards,

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    Hi Carolyn
    Thank you so much for the info. I would be very grateful for a copy of the picture. My email is [reveal email] or address – Two Views
    Cherry Orchard
    Highworth Swindon SN6 7AU. Many thanks, Lynda

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    Hello Lynda, Had an e-mail today saying there was an answer to my message. Surely this isn’t it, considering the date, but I don’t see another.
    Anyway, we do still have the picture. Shirley

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    I am trying to trace the birthplace and home of my father – Peter Wakefield Baron. It was called Cambourne House and it is in Rye. It was home of Cedric Hodgson, a prolific Artist and musician in and around Rye in the early 1900’s. I dont intend to contact the owners – just interested to see where it was when we visit Rye this year. Can any one help please? Lynda Tuckewell

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    Lynda, I have five etchings by cedric Hodgson on ebay, which finish in 30 mins time, also a letter from him and a recommendation from his original landlord. If they don’t sell I suggest you contact me on [reveal tel] Best wishes David Parry

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    In researching some pictures I have by Cedric Hodgson I have come across your name. I wonder if you would be interested in buying 5 pictures I have. If you could send me your email address I can email the pics to you. You can contact me at
    [reveal email]

    I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Hetty Perkins

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    I have 5 pictures by Cedric Hodgson. I can email the pics to show you if you wish. My email is
    [reveal email]

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    I have seen the emails going back to 2005 whilst trying to research work by your grandfather as I have a sketch titled “The Closed Door” as did another person on the forum.
    If you are interested in it please email me back and I shall arrange to scan it. Yours, Roger Fellowes.

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    Hello Lynda, I have a couple of pictures that are marked Baron of Rye. My mother was born in Hastings in 1934 and the pictures come from her / her parents who were born in the late 1800s. It would be interesting to know more about the pictures. I really like them. One of them is of St Marys Church – the other a kind of street scene – houses in perspective. Hope to hear from you. Lucy.

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    Hi Lynda, I have a small sketch signed Baron of Rye and entitled Mermaid St.Rye. I purchased it from an antique shop near Hastings some 40 plus years ago. If you email some details i will send a picture of it to you. My email address is [reveal email]

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    Hi Lynda,
    I have 2 postcard sized etchings signed C Hodgson and the other Cedric Hodgson which i bought in London in the 70s. I have always had them hanging on my wall somewhere and have been back in NZ since 79.
    One is of a wire-haired terrier and the other is a boat similar to another I saw on one of the websites. It says ‘May little joys fill up your life as fish fill up his net’. They both fold over to make a card.
    i would be interested to hesr from you. regards, Anita Henry.

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    Hi Lynda,
    I have an etching (?) of C.Hodgson titled ‘Ye Olde Mermaid Inn – Rye’.
    I think I bought it in Hungerford at a antiques market back in the late 90’s. I could scan a copy for you if wish.

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    Hi Lynda,

    Can you give me your grandfather’s birth and death dates. I cant find him under Hodgson or Baron on Ancestry.com


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    Lynda, I have just noticed an atmospheric etching of Rye by your grandfather on eBay. Type in Cedric Hodgson etching Rye and hopefully it will come up. Or try http://www.sulisfineart.com/all-products/cedric-hodgson-early-20th-century-etching-rye.html They are asking £36 and do say there are some fox marks ‘tho’ they don’t show in the photograph. It is rather small, about 4″ x 6″. I wonder if the owner might take an offer – worth a try!
    Good luck, Jo

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    Many thanks for this Jo … will certainly have a look. Lynda

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    Hi Geoffrey, I am sorry, I am afraid as my Father was estranged from Cedric I do not know birth or death dates. Can I ask why you are interested in him?

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    I run an artist information website www.artbiogs.co.uk and would have liked to include his CV but without dates I’m afraid I can’t. I find it most unusual that he does not appear on any of the genealogical databases which makes me question his existence.

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    Hi Geoffrey,

    I assure you Cedric did exist! His studio was either at Cambourne House or Cadborough House, which I believe are in the Rye area. We are visiting Rye next month and I hope to find these properties and hopefully a bit more about him. I have a lot of his artwork, most sent to me by local Rye residents that saw my messages on here. He had a print business and most of his work was architectural etchings, but he painted as well. Cedric and his wife Florence were also musicians and played at local tea dances etc. He was also known as David Baron / Baron of Rye (art signature). Would be great if you did find him. Lynda

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    I read what you say but still can’t find any reference to Cedric or Florence on the national databases. Perhaps when you visit the area you might find more info and let me know.

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    Strange? I certainly will let you know.



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    There’s a windmill etching currently for sale on Ebay which may be a Cedric Hodgson. Do you have the dates he was active as I’m trying to identify this mill. There’s a structure to the right of the image which I think resembles the ruins of St Leonards Church at Aldrington. Do you know if Cedric ever ventured to Brighton? If not then I’ll refocus on the Rye area. BTW I’m editor of the Sussex Mills Group newsletter.

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    Did you ever manage to establish his birth or death year?

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    Hi Lynda. I am a volunteer with Pilgrims Hospices in Kent and I have come across a letter from Cedric Hodgson enclosing about twenty of his etching made into cards. the letter is not dated and it was sent to sell his cards. I am not sure what to do with all of it and would appreciate your advice. Bill

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    Hi, I’m sorry I have only just seen this. I hope I’m not too late – do you still have the letter and postcards?

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    Yes if I can find them. I put them in a safe place but sorting out mine and Pilgrims I get lots of piles so will look for it if you want it. Bill

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    Lynda I have now found them and if you would contact me we can arrange something to sort this out. Bill

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