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Family History of Hilder

John Pelham: I am also interested in discovering the origin of the Hilder of Hilder’s Cliff, Rye, as I was myself a Hilder before I married. There is/was quite a large family of Hilders who nearly all originated in East Sussex, so it is quite likely that the cliff was named after one. But what had he done to deserve having his name handed down to posterity on this manner? Any information would be welcome

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    Mary Goudeau Née Hilder: Mary,
    re: Naming of Hilders Cliff
    Sorry for delay. My wife died just before your message.
    Her great grandfather was Russell Hilder Banister and lived in Hilder’s Cliff (nr the Landgate) and Rope Walk, Rye. He was born in Peasmarsh, Sussex (about 1839).
    Does this help with your own investigations?
    John Pelham

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    John Pelham: I have asked Jo Kirkham, local historian, about the naming of Hilders Cliff. This is what she says:

    ‘There was an important family called Hilder in Rye – in the records from 1813 to c.1900. One of these, I believe , paid for improving the road and putting up the railing’s and lights – (originally gas) – on Hilder’s Cliff.’

    Hope this helps!

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    I realize this response is to an old msg. – and you probably have what you asked for – also, I’m not sure if this is the ” commemorative plaque at the top of Hilder’s Cliff” that you mean. It is on the lookout at the top of the hill, end of the High Street – the belvedere:

    “This lookout was given in 1935 by E.F. Benson when Mayor of Rye. He
    immortalised this town as “Tilling” in his Mappa and Lucia Novels.”

    > Paul Crowther: 20/01/2006 23:59:51 Paul Crowther: Further to my last submission I understand that there is a commemorative plaque at the top of Hilder’s Cliff. If anyone is near there could they please get the
    inscription. Thanks >
    > Paul Crowther: 20/01/2006 14:14:46 Shelley Jebb: Hilder’s Cliff – My grandmother was a Hilder from Rye. The story we were always told was that Hilder’s Cliff was named after PC Hilder who saved someone from jumping
    off the top of the cliff. Is there any truth in the story? >

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    Do you have any more info on story about the P.C. Hilder.

    My name is Keith Hilder and I was a S.C. in the Devon & Cornwall Police, but my past family come from Sussex,

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    My grandmother was Nellie Hilder, born in Rye in 1926, daughter of Walter John Hilder (born 1893 in Rye). I believe I can trace my family line back to a Richard Hilder born circa 1500.

    Would love to hear from any Hilders out there to find out how we are connected to each other. Thanks.

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