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Family History of Sherwood

Hi I am relatively new at family history – but most of my family on my mothers side are from Rye area – tey are sherwoods and hodges – what names do you have??

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    My name is Mick Fuller, my Grandmother married Charles
    Sherwood of Rye. About 1920s I
    think. Audrey, Thelma, and
    Maurice, were their children.

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    My grandmother was married to Charlie Sherwood,they lived at Longleys Corner Rye,do these names mean anything to you? Bill, Maurice, anne,Diane,

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    Hi, Do these names mean anything to you? Ann, Frank, Bill, Fred and Bunny (this I presume is a nickname).
    Mick Levett-Fuller

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    Hi Mick
    I noticed your surname consists of my 2 main ancestral lines, and wonder if any of the following is familiar to you:

    Mary Ann Fuller (or Levett)was born in 1852-54 but so far cannot find her birth registration or baptism. Her mother is Emily FULLER born Dec 1830 in Sundridge, Emily had 2 illegitemate sons, William Henry in 1855 and James in 1858. Both
    boys were baptised at Ightham to Emily FULLER & Samuel LEVETT in 1858, but not
    Mary Ann, so she must have already been baptised somewhere else.

    Emily then proceeded to have several children to Samuel before marrying him in 1868. All were baptised as FULLER, but some were registered as LEVETT,others as FULLER.

    Emily parents were Edward Fuller & Sarah Acton.
    Samuel’s were William Levett & Mary Bashford.

    Sharee in NZ

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    Hi Mick
    I take it your brother in Canada must be Jack? He has been in contact via another website!
    Regards, Sharee

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    Hi Sharee, just logged in to the message board and noticed you were trying to trace the history of the Sherwood’s. My dad was Percy 1 of 3 brothers born to Frank (Jerry) and Cissie Sherwood who lived at South Undercliff, the other 2 brothers were named Stanley and Ralph. Frank’s father who’s name I cannot remember was a town councillor who owned quite a few properties in Rye. Frank had a sister Beattie who emigrated to Canada and there was also a brother Fred who lived at Brooklands Kent.

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    Hi Peter, the other day I spoke with your Grandfather’s Half-Sister, she was asking about you guys—Jack. PS. your Gr. Grandfather’s name was Charles.

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    Hi Peter,
    I am not aware of conections to the Sherwood family, I am trying to establish if there are links between the Levett and Fuller families in Sussex and Kent as Mick has both these names in his tree.
    Regards, Sharee

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    Fred was my uncle who died at90+. In his 90’s he would walk into Brookland (2 ml each way) to sell his eggs. On the way back he would visit his FRIEND! in the Vicarage. Bill and Bunny were my cousins both passed away recently. Brian in Canada

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    Hi, for a start I was at school with a Brian Hatter. Could it be you? (I’m 71). I knew Bill was gone but I didn’t know about Bunny. I only met Fred a couple of times but I used to call at the Forge to see Bill, although I first had to explain who I was. Fred was my parents’ best man at their wedding. I think his father was Charlie Sherwood who’s second wife was my Grandmother. Regards, Mick

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    Yes, that’s me! Although I cannot remember your name. My class was with John Farrow, Myrddin David, Edwin Sutton, and so on. Maybe you were in a younger group. Presently in Mississauga, Canada after arriving from Indonesia. I have been living there for many years. Now am thinking of “Retiring” to Wuhan, China!!! Best regards, Brian

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    I was always known as just Mick Fuller, so you should know ,Maurice, Thelma and Audrey, the two girls lived in Canada ,and Thelma is the only one still alive.

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    My sister Gill married Ralph. He passed away some years ago but Gill lives in her home town of Hastings.

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