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Family History of Tiltman

Is there anyone in Rye who is related to the Tiltman family that lived at 5 Traders Passage in 1901? William Tiltman was the head of the household and was my Great Grandfather – his son Thomas Tiltman aged 8 in 1901 was my Grandfather. Would be grateful to hear from anyone who might have some info.

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    Simon Tiltman: Hello Simon, I have no family connection but on searching the 1891 Census for Rye, I came across a number of Tiltman families. If you have not already done so I would be happy to pull out some names for you. Let me know. Regards, Syd Pawley.

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    Simon Tiltman: My Tiltmans are all from Dover but I am sure this man will be able to help you as he knows all there is to know about the Rye Tiltmans!
    His email address is [reveal email]
    Hope this helps,

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    Simon Tiltman: Hi Simon
    I just spotted your listing re William Tiltman.
    My great grandfather was Harry Touchy Tiltman who was one of williams sons. Williams wife was Catherine Charlotte Chrismas.
    What do you want to know?
    I have quite a bit of info on the Tiltmans.
    Kind regards
    kevin Law

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    Randy: Hi Randy
    According to my records Thomas & Elizabeth had 3 children baptised in Rye.
    Minie Louisa born 20th Oct 1902, baptised 22 March 1903.
    John William born 29th July 1905 , baptised 27th Aug 1905
    Thomas Henry born 8th Apr 1908 , baptised 10 May 1908.
    I don’t have a record of the marriage of Thomas & Elizabeth but the GRO index shows a marriage for a Thomas Tiltman in Mar 1901 with the follwng reference – volume 2b page 10.
    With that info you could order the certificate on line.
    I don’t have any other info i’m afreaid. I haven’t yet been able to link him up to the Tiltman line as yet.
    I would ask only one favour. If you should get the certioficate could you please e-mail me a copy and I might be able to identify the father listed on the certificate and therefore the join to the Tiltman tree.
    Good luck with the rest of your search.
    Keep in touch with me at this address. [reveal email]


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    Thomas William Tiltman from Rye, who was born in 1814, is my Great-Great-Great grandfather. He married Jane Carter and they had five children.

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    My Mother’s maiden name was Tiltman – her parents were Annie and Harry Tiltman. My cousin has a comprehensive family tree of her family, would you like me to put you in touch with him?
    My name is Carolynne Williamson (nee Care)

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    My great grandfather was one William Tiltman born 8-4-1864 in Rye. Son of Richard and Jane Tiltman of Rye. Lost his life whilst in Navy service 11-3-1915. His wife was one Jane Carter-Tiltman.

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    Hi Carolynne, I would appreciate any family tree info from your cousin, I have some but also some gaps. Thanks.

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    These are the names of 5 of Thomas William Tiltman’s children, Charlotte elizabeth Tiltman, Alfred Tiltman, James Tiltman, John Tiltman(my great great grandfather) and Henry Tiltman, all where born in Plymouth, or South East Cornwall. I was not aware that there where seven more children. I would also be happy to swap family tree info on the Tiltman family.

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    Have just read messages about the Tiltman family. My great grandmother, Emily Kennet Tiltman was the daughter of John Kennet Tiltman, born Birchington Kent then they lived in New Shoreham. They had 15 children. His wife Mary Ann Atherfold came from Hartfield, I have recently gleaned all this never knowing the family history was so local. I am now in Tun Wells and would love to know where John Kennet Tiltman fits into the Tiltman Tree. He was born about 1836 and his father was Henry.

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    For Chris Webb and any other Tilltmans.

    I now have a tree which goes back to the 1600’s thanks to a Tiltman cousin in Durham.
    Please contact [reveal email] if you would like this forwarded.
    Allie Stewart great great great grandaughter of Henry Tiltman Birchington.

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    My maternal great-grandfather was John Harvey born in Rye in 1833; he married Ann Tiltman, born Rye 1831. Her parents were John and Mary (nee Miles) born circa 1796 and 1801 respectively.

    Hope this adds links to the various trees!

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    Hi Stephanie I have just left a message but though perhaps it might be better to contact you. I have an Amelia Miles B1830 m to Thomas Tiltman B1827. Amelia is my GGGrandparent Charlotte’s sister. There parents are James C1796 and Sarah ? C1792. Does this ring a bell with you at all.
    Hope to hear from you on this, it is all very interesting.

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    Hi Steve, hope you read this. Thomas William Tiltman is also my great great great grandfather and I have quite a lot of info on him if you would like to get in touch with me at [reveal email]
    regards from Jackie

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    I now have nearly 300 Tiltmans in my family tree. I am descended through two lines via my maternal great grandparents who where William Tiltman born in Rye in 1864 or 8 and Jane Carter Tiltman born in Cahirmore, Co Cork in Ireland in 1873 (where her father James Carter Tiltman was a coastguard). I would be pleased to hear from any Tiltmans about any aspect of the Tiltman family which is large and very interesting! My email address is [reveal email] Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Tiltmaniacs everywhere! Jackie Moys(daughter of Jean Tiltman, I.O.W. 1928)

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    Hi Kevin. I found your post while looking up my Tiltman relatives. Harry Tiltman happens to be my great grandfather too. His daughter, one of the many!, Daisy was my grandmother.I was wondering which of the sisters you are related to? And any other info would be much appriciated – I didn’t realize what a huge family it is and I’m overwhelmed! Many thanks. Nova Sambrook.

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    Hi Nova

    I am a Tiltman descendant and have a family tree going back to the 1500s. Harry and albert are on there so if you are interested in this then please do contact me!

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    I am a Tiltman descendant and have a family tree going back to the 1500s.there are quite a few Alberts on there so if you are interested in this then please do contact me! It would be great to hear from you! Sarah

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    Hi Nova. So sorry it’s taken so long to get back o you but I’ve just been browsing through the postings (after a long period of absense) & I came across your message.
    In answer to your queation, hear goes.
    I’m descended from Harry via daughter number 5 Anie Elza born 1907 & George Pope.
    I’ve got plenty of information on the Tiltman line & would be more than happy to pass it on to you. You can contact me on the following addresses. [reveal email] or my works address – [reveal email] .
    So how exactly are you related to Daisey. Is it through Kathleen, Michael or Frances. I met Fraces last year when i organised a gathering of the Tiltman cousins down in Rye. I’ve got some photos of the cousins if you’re interested. Did you know that one of the daughters of Harry & Annie is still with us. Beatrice (or Auntie Beat as we all call her) is alive & well & still living in Rye.
    Anyway must fly. Be pleased to pass on any info you want just contact me on the above addresses. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Kevin Law

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    Dear Mary, hope you see this as it is such a long time since you posted your message. Was your grandfather Albert Thomas born in Hove, Sussex in 1880 who married Amy Smith in Brighton in 1902? If not perhaps you could let me have a bit more info about him as I have a large database of info on the Tiltman family and might be able to give you details of your ancestors. My email address is [reveal email]

    Regards Jackie

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    I am trying to find out any information about my mothers father (my grandfather), Charles John Tiltman born 26 July 1902 who died when my mother was very young. We know he had another son, Wilfred Charles (born 1922)with his marriage to Florence Gilford. Does anyone have any more information about this line of the Tiltman tree.

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    Your grandfather, Charles Tiltman died aged 33 in September 1938 & was buried in the graveyard of the Church Of The Holy Spirit at Rye Harbour. His address was, “The Retreat, Rye Harbour”.

    As far as I can see there are at least 3 other Tiltmans buried there. George Edward, buried 18/11/1918, age 46(?), Alice, buried 14/2/1934, age 57 and John William, buried 28/12/1939, age 69.

    I hope this information is helpful.


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    Hi Vickie,
    since your grandfather married his second wife Edith Horn in Surrey (South Eastern) in 1939 I guess that the Charles Tiltman buried in Rye Harbour Cemetary is not him?
    You could get a copy of his marriage certificate online by googling BMD and that would give you the names of his parents – with that I could give you his line back to the 16th century! My email address is [reveal email]
    Regards from Portugal. Jackie

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    Hi Jackie,
    I now have a bit more info and have my great grandparents John Henry Tiltman b, 1876 married to Emily Julia Baker b.1883 and can go back to John Tiltman b. 1823 married to Caroline E Relf 1823-1892
    What I am trying to find is any descendants linked to my grandfather’s first marriage to Florence Gifford. They had a son Wilfred Charles in 1922 believe he died 1986. Was he married? Did he have any children?

    Also my nan Edith Horn had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Sidney b.1906; Grace b.1911, Stuart b.1913 and Joyce b 1924 and I am trying to find any descendants of theirs.
    If you have any more info on this line of tree I’d love to know about it.

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    Hi, my mother’s maiden name was Gertrude Tiltman. She was born in Rye. My grandfather’s name was Alfred.

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    Hi Bryan,

    We now have a huge family tree available, you can contact me on [reveal email]

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    I’ve recently started investigating my family history and found this wonderful series of messages.
    I’m directly related to James Tiltman and Annie McKillop via their son Frederick James, his son Bertram Cecil and my father Eric, of East Cowes, IoW.
    I’d be very grateful to see the very large Tiltman family tree which has been mentioned.
    I haven’t come across much information regarding my particular branch of the family so far and would love to be able to tie up some of the information I do have and perhaps to fill in one or two gaps.

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    Hi, not sure if its the same Thomas Tiltman but my dad Sidney Tiltman he was the son of Thomas Tiltman he was born in 1934.

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    Hi Louisse
    I would have to check up on the Tiltman ancestry but I can reassure you all the Tiltmans are related. [reveal email]

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    Dear Linda,

    I have just seen your message of nearly a year ago! If you would like to contact me on [reveal email] I can tell you all there is to know about your family! We are related through James Carter Tiltman and Annie MacKillop

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    Dear Louisse,
    if you can tell me the date of birth of Thomas Tiltman I am sure that I can fill in the rest for you! My email is [reveal email]

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    I’m pretty sure it was 1893 died 1970. He married Beatrice Bryant.

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    Yes, he is on my tree and I can trace your family back to the early 16th century in Sussex. If you could contact me on [reveal email] I can provide a link to my tree for you to see.

    Your cousin!


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    Hi I am tracing my husbands family history and have found that his Great great Grandfather was Henry Tiltman c1850, he married Margaret Ovington (1853) in 1873. I know that he died before 1881 as Margaret is listed as a widow in sunderland in the census. Is he the same Henry Tiltman born in Rye in 1847 that died aged 27?

    Thanks, Frankie

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    Do you have a Henry Tiltman on your tree c1850, her married Margaret Ovington in 1873. My husband is his great great grandson, thanks


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    Dear Frankie,

    Yes I do but interestingly I do not have his ancestors. Most Tiltmans originate from Rye but there is a branch of the family in London that has not yet been tied into the tree and your Henry may belong to this branch as he was born in London. I only have him on the 1881 census in Durham where a few of the Tiltmans moved to take up mining. I’ll have another look at him to see if there is anymore info available. My up to date email is [reveal email]

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    10 year old message, but I’ve only just seen it. Yes, I’m related to William Tiltman, he was my great grandfather too. His daughter Fanny was my grandmother.

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    Hi Jane,

    Contact me at [reveal email] it will make replying easier!


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    Hi from cousin Allie.

    Another cousin is moving to Manston shortly – is your mum still there? How are you? Can you reply directly to email? xx

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    In the 1700`s William & Ann Tiltman had sons Richard & Thomas. Richards family line included Hannah Tiltman who married Frederick Marley and their great grandson was Bob Marley.

    Some of Thomas` family line took them to S.Wales, Cardiff.I`m interested in any info on Thomas` family line. My father in Law was Harold, his father was Daniel.



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    Hi Jackie,

    I think we stopped emails a few years ago on the Tiltman subject. I would love a copy of a family tree from Rye as we are related to it somehow. My branch -very small-moved to the West Midlands in the 1900s to find work in the new factories. I have loads of letters etc linking my grandfather to the south coast-Folkestone,Brighton, Rye etc.



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    Hi John,

    jackie is away at the moment but I can give you some details if you contact me at [reveal email] . We must be cousins!


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