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For Brian Hatter

Hi Brain – I’m Larry Hatter, dad was Bruce, and grandad had the sweet shop down the Mint. Have a photo of your dad when he won the bike races at Rye. He and my great uncle Horace were good mates. Do you have an email I could have. I have done a family tree and would like to know if you can fill in any gaps I might have.

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    Hi Larry. Quite by chance I was browsing Rye and saw your message. My email is [reveal email] and would be delighted to hear from you. I am currently in Mississauga, Ontario and will be back in Manado, Indonesia next month. Have been there some 15 yrs. Brian.

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    Hi Brian, Thank you for replying. I have a few photos (copies) of your dad if you would like me to send them. I am doing (as and when) a family tree so if you could write up your tree as best you can I could tie in with what I already have.
    We have some realtives on Vancouver Island B.C and they did go as far as Manitoba but that is it. I will find the link to my tree which I have put on the web and let you browse it. Will organise soon and mail you. Larry

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    Thanks when you send the photo’s, I have some and maybe I could send some too of Rye etc. Horace often walked to Rye and met my father years back. I will look up the family tree and compare. Brian

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