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  • Belongings Left at Hall

    Hi, I am a member of the Rye Camera Club and beleive I left a Barbour scarf and a Ledlenser Torch at the Playden WI Hall after a couple of recent meetings. The Phone number on your website seems to be unrecognised. I wonderd if someone could contact me to see if the items have … read more

  • Lost Orange Mobile Phone

    Lost orange mobile phone Between 25 and 27/7/2023 with sentimental photos on. If anyone has found it or know of any one that has please contact me. [reveal email] C/O ~ [reveal tel] ( please leave voicemail as not my phone! ) Kind regards. … read more

  • Missing Cat

    Geronimo is a 9 month old neutered male cat who has gone missing from the Goldhurst Green area of Icklesham. He was last seem on Sunday 23rd July. He is dark gey and wearing an aqua colour collar with a yellow disc. Please check your sheds and outbuildings. Tel Sharon on [reveal tel] . … read more

  • Skateboard left at Recreation Ground

    I have a skateboard recently left at Recreation Ground. If it’s yours give me a call and describe it [reveal tel] . … read more

  • Lost Keys

    Last Sunday I lost a set of keys in the Strand car park area of Rye. It had a car key and 2 house keys with a Honda fob. If anyone has found them could they please contact me? Ian. Also on [reveal tel] . … read more

  • Found Cat

    Hi there, I have a cat that is frequenting my home and I believe he is possibly stray. He is a tuxedo cat. If you are missing one, please reply with a photo so I can verify whether he is yours. … read more

  • Cat Missing from Woodpeckers Cottage

    Small black cat missing since 11.30 am Monday 3rd July 2017. (opposite Two Sawyers). If you have seen one floating about, a dead one, or even run one over please can let us know. Thanks Pip(Phil) and Jac. … read more

  • Missing Cat

    My daughters / our beautiful tortoiseshell cat is missing – from Morlais Ridge. She was last seen on Friday December 2nd. She is very affectionate and may have gone into someones house or shed. She has a distinctive stripey ginger and black pattern on one rear leg. Our other cat has been attacked twice recently … read more

  • Missing Dog

    Please help find Ferris, an elderly terrier cross with white and brown markings. Ferris is deaf and partially sighted. She went missing from her home in Marsham Brook Lane, Pett Level, on Wednesday 12th October 2016. She was last seen running scared along Pett Level Road. She may have travelled further afield. Please look out … read more

  • Black Cat Found

    I live in Randolphs Lane, Iden and for the past 2 nights a little black cat has been outside mewing! Has anyone lost a kitcat? phone no. [reveal tel] . … read more

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