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  • The Royal William

    Hi, I am attempting to do some research on the Royal William, Camber. According to the 1881 census William and Maria Southerden were living here (these are my great great grandparents) near the station masters house. I can see that there is a place/building existing of this name on old OS maps, but I cannot … read more

  • Southerden Family History

    I have found this wonderful web-site and registered in the hope that I am able to find out more about the Southerden family. My name is Muriel Davie and I am the grand-daughter of Charles Southerden Davie who married Minnie Gillah. Charles’s parents (my Great parents) were Geroge Davie and Charlotte Southerden. Charlotte is the … read more

  • History of Rope Walk

    I have been trying to trace the history of the residents of no’s 2 – 16 Rope Walk. Previosly known as 1 – 8 Seymore Place. I have traced the history back to 1841 but due to the unreliability of the census register, I have some inconsistencies. Does anyone have relatives that they have been … read more

  • Family History of Southerden

    Paul Kennedy: Hi Paul, Charles Southerden was my nana’s brother, and she still has siblings alive who may be able to help you… who are you related through? Trying to work out exaclty what a second cousin is!! My email is [reveal email] Pippa Williams … read more

  • Mary Stanford Lifeboat House

    I am a second cousin of Charles Southerden who was lost in the Mary Stanford lifeboat disaster of 1928. I am interested in any information people may have about this incident or any of the events which took place afterwards. Many thanks. … read more

  • Family History of Southerdens

    Can any of the many Southerdens tell which member of their family married Katherine{Kitty}Wood of Playden? I am told that she was the organist at either Iden or Playden church, she was also the sister-in-law of George Burnham Mayor of Rye on three occassions. … read more

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