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Henry James

In Rye

Henry James (1843-1916) was an American novelist, short story writer, and critic who spent much of his later life living and working in England. In the early 1890s, James moved to the historic town of Rye in East Sussex, where he lived for several years in a large house called Lamb House. While living in … more

Monica Edwards

Rye Harbour 1.6 miles from Rye

Monica Edwards was born Monica le Doux Newton and, as a child, her family moved to Rye Harbour, where her father, the Rev. Harry, became vicar and officiated at the funeral after the 1928 lifeboat disaster. The young Monica used to climb down the drainpipe at nights to spend time with the fishermen, who are … more

John Ryan

In Rye

John Ryan (1921-2009) was a British artist, illustrator, and children’s book author. He is perhaps best known for creating the popular children’s television series “Captain Pugwash” for the BBC which were broadcast from 1957 to 1966. Ryan lived and worked in the historic town of Rye in East Sussex for many years, and the town … more

Ford Madox Ford

Winchelsea 2.2 miles from Rye

Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) was an English novelist, poet, and editor who is best known for his work as the editor of the influential literary magazine “The English Review” and for his novel “The Good Soldier.” In the early 1900s, Ford lived in the historic town of Winchelsea in East Sussex, where he wrote and … more

Russell Thorndike

In Rye

Russell Thorndike was an English actor, playwright, and novelist best known for his series of novels featuring the smuggler Dr Syn. The Mermaid Inn, a historic hotel in Rye, features a room called “Dr Syn’s Bedchamber” named after the famous character created by Thorndike. It is said that Thorndike wrote the first Dr Syn novel, … more

H. Montgomery Hyde

In Rye

H. Montgomery Hyde was an Irish barrister, politician, and prolific author. He is best known for his biographies, including a controversial work on Oscar Wilde, as well as his writing on legal and political topics. In addition to his literary work, Hyde was a tenant of Lamb House in Rye, East Sussex, which was once … more

Conrad Aiken

In Rye

Conrad Aiken (1889-1973) was an American poet, novelist, and critic who spent much of his life living and working in England. In 1921, Aiken moved to England eventually settling in Rye, where he lived for several years with his wife and children. While living in Rye, Aiken wrote some of his most important literary works, … more

A.C. Benson

In Rye

Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925) was an English author, poet, biographer and essayist, who is best known for his literary works on a wide range of subjects, including history, art, literature, religion, and nature. Benson grew up in Wellington College, Berkshire and later Cornwall. His father was the first Master of Wellington College, and eventually became … more

John Christopher

In Rye

John Christopher (1922-2012), a pseudonym for Samuel Youd, was an English science fiction author who was born in Lancashire and spent much of his life in the south of England. In the 1960s, he moved to the historic town of Rye in East Sussex, where he lived for many years and wrote some of his … more

Rumer Godden

In Rye

Rumer Godden was a British author who wrote over 60 books, including novels, short stories, and children’s books. She took the tenancy of Lamb House in 1968 where she lived until the death of her husband in 1973. Her books ‘In this House of Brede’ (a novel about Benedictine nuns) and ‘A Kindle of Kittens’ … more

Malcolm Saville

In Rye

Malcolm Saville was a British author of children’s books, best known for his “Lone Pine” series of adventure novels set in the countryside. Although he did not live in Rye, he spent many holidays there and used the area as a setting for his books. The Hope Anchor Hotel is a historic inn located in … more

Radclyffe Hall

In Rye

Radclyffe Hall was a British author known for her groundbreaking novel, “The Well of Loneliness,” which explored lesbianism and gender identity. She lived in a number of places throughout her life, but in the early 1930s, she moved to the town of Rye in East Sussex, where she lived at a house on the High … more

E. F. Benson

In Rye

Novelist, biographer, and benefactor of Rye. Edward Frederic Benson was born July 24, 1867 at Wellington College in Berkshire, where his father was the Master. He was the fifth of six children born to Mary Sidgwick Benson and Edward White Benson, later Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral, the first Bishop of Truro in Cornwall where he … more

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